The importance of science fair in STEM education


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             The science fair is a fair where students present their science project results in the form of a report, display board, and models that students have created. Science fairs include students in elementary, middle and high schools in science and technology activities.

It is so important to motivate students with science. Because they can share their projects, ideas with th4006 logoeir friends, parents and people who visit the fair. It also contributes to the social development of students. For this purpose, the Turkish National Education Ministry (MEB) and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) have made a protocol to support science fairs in elementary and middle schools and in high schools. It is called 4006 TUBITAK Science Fair Supporting Programme. They give 5000 Turkish Liras to the schools which want to make science fair in its own. Its slogan is “Leave Mark on Science”.

One of the fairs was Sarilar Secondary School Science Fair, which took place between 20 May 2015 and 22 May 2015. 40 students presented their 25 projects to the visitors. They were about science, mathematics and technology. Students made these projects in their lessons during the education period. After science fair, a survey was made to the students. The data was collected from all participants of the science fair.


Participants in a science fair

The results of the survey showed that;

  • The science fair is an important factor to motivate the students toward science.
  • The science fair contributes their social developments.
  • The science fair increases the skills of the presentation.
  • The science fair increases the interest in being scientist and enginer.

This year, we will make a new science fair in 20 May 2016. We believe that the science fair is so important in STEM. It can change student’s lifes. Maybe, it causes that one of our students can be a scientist who can change the world.

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Article written by: Emre Uygur, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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