Kids coding, learning in computer

Empowering Minds through Coding and Innovation


CC-BY, provided by the author The fourth-grade students of Silla Primary School at the Comprehensive Institute La Giustiniana in Rome had an exciting opportunity to extend their education beyond the regular school term. They participated in a captivating project named “Coding ergo sum”, centred on coding activities. CC-BY The...

Teacher teaching sustainability

Our school approach in teaching sustainability


CC-By, provided by the author Betim Muço is a co-educational school located in the capital city of Tirana, Albania, a country situated in the south-eastern part of Europe. It serves a community of medium socio-economic status and has been recognized on the national and international arena for its various...

Let’s Make A Scarf!


Picture provided by the author, attribution CC-BY Our Wonderful Kids with STEAM project aimed to increase our students’ interest in science, technology, math and engineering. Apart from this, it is aimed to train individuals who can think creatively, solve problems and have 21st century skills by integrating STEM disciplines...

Computational Thinking and Physics


Attribution CC-BY. Learning objectives:a) Analyze projectile motion in perpendicular directions to understand one-dimensional motion and decomposition.b) Calculate the time of flight, measure the range, and determine the maximum height of a projectile using algorithmic thinking and step-by-step approach.c) Examine and calculate the trajectory of a projectile to identify recognizable...

When the “M” in STEM stands for Mathematics and Mindfulness


Picture provided by the author, attribution CC-BY Mathematics is a crucial subject for every student as it provides a strong foundation for many other disciplines. However, many students struggle with mathematics due to a variety of reasons, including a lack of motivation, fear of failure, and negative attitudes towards...