Smartphones to conduct scientific inquiry


What kind of technology do we need in the classroom? Imagine a digital tool that helps pupils and students master scientific experimentation, not virtually, but by observing the world around them.Imagine a scientific instrument that allows students to make accurate measurements on sound, movement, position, light or color. An...


Virtual Science Camps – Online Science Lessons


What is a Virtual Science Camp? Virtual Science Camps are free online science lessons, open to anyone in the world.  Hosted by Michael Gregory in Paris, France, and joined by guest hosts from around the world. Why?  Virtual Science Camps were started during the COVID-19 pandemic as an invitation...

student-centered activities_STEAM activity: Let’s Create Lunapark

Discover STEAM through the funfair


One of the most common tools of contemporary education in the world is student-centered activities that enable students to question and think analytically. For this reason, scientific studies on student-centered activities have an important role in increasing the quality of education. Our project aims to increase students’ interest in...

Fluorescent_Chlorophyll_STEM activity

Fluorescent Properties of Chlorophyll Pigment


SUMMARY: Chlorophyll pigment initiates photosynthesis by absorbing light energy. Chlorophyll pigment cannot photosynthesize in green wavelength. The best wavelength of photosynthesis is the purple and red-light wavelength. The fluorescent phenomenon is the reflection of rays falling on some special compounds at different wavelengths. This STEM activity was conducted with 14-year-old...


Using SCAMPER Thinking Technique in STEM Activities


“Every idea arises from another idea that exists” What is SCAMPER? SCAMPER thinking technique is a technique created to develop different thinking. This technique provides a pleasant environment for creative thinking. SCAMPER is an acronym developed in 2000 by De Bono. Each letter expresses a specific thinking process: Substitution...

STEM for sustainability and digital citizenship – Building Meteorology Station


Our children need to develop their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and use 21st-century skills correctly. I believe it is time to encourage every stakeholder in the education field to organize activities that will raise awareness about these issues by highlighting the relevant skills students...

BIOPROFILES: Teaching Green


Presentation: This educational project has been carried out in 4 European countries, Slovakia, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain supported by three teacher training workshops: The first one was an internal workshop for educational consortia partners for initial project planning and project inception. The next two workshops were carried...



Our STEM SURVIVOR Project aims to increase our students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and to provide a more qualitative integration of STEM disciplines. In doing so, we use a storytelling approach considering the objectives of our project. Gecko, the main character of our stories, is a...