Scientix Teachers Spring Workshop 3 – Nicosia


The last (but not the least) workshop was held in Nicosia on the weekend of the 11-13 of April. This was the conclusive and, with only 23 participants, the smallest of the three sessions. Both participants and organizers could enjoy the pleasure of traveling by night and taking connection flights, as reaching Cyprus by plane from certain European locations can be a little bit problematic (yes, we have learned the lesson). Nevertheless, we were blown away to see the venue on Saturday morning. The University of Cyprus counts with a very wide open-air campus and is always open for all students to use its facilities at any time given.

During the introductory session, and despite of the sleepy faces, we could enjoy a great opening speech by Costas P. Constantinou, from the University of Cyprus, who gave a very celebrated introductory talk on Science education, STEM research and the teaching profession in Cyprus and provided the participants with some information materials on the history of the island.

Two workshops were organized by university lecturers, the first one focused on investigations of natural phenomena using sound, light, temperature and motion sensors and led by Michalis Livitzis and a second one, in which Xenia Danos showed us simple mechanisms in design and technology with and without Engino kits.

In the afternoon, the Ambassadors’ task review session counted with an additional surprise. Having realized many of the Scientix ambassadors were interested and wanted basic training on the Scientix Online Meeting Room, and as a way to show them how it works, we launched a call to connect with other ambassadors from their home countries. The result: a very funny online session greeting one another from across Europe, while learning the usages and advantages of this online tool. In the evening, we visited the city of Nicosia and had a very pleasant dinner at one of the very finest Nicosian restaurants, located next to the old power station and completed with a live blues concert.

Some of the participants exchanging ideas under the sun. Photo by Scientix.

To top the weekend, we could conclude the workshop organizing the last networking and review of work session in the open air, enjoying the nice Cypriot weather. The teachers had the opportunity to exchange tips to improve science classes and learn about each others dissemination activities while we could review individually their progression within the Scientix framework. 

A farewell lunch was prepared and we said goodbye to all those returning to their home countries as well as to those who decided to stay in the island to enjoy some extra days under the sun.  Σας ευχαριστώ, Κύπρος!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer, European Schoolnet

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