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Throughout the first half of September, the Scientix team organized two kick-off meetings to welcome the new (and renewed) Scientix Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors who form the Scientix teachers panel and who were about to start the Scientix second cycle of activities.

From the 5th to the 7th of September, we held the first Scientix 2 – Cycle 2 – Teachers Kick-off meeting which ran in concurrence with the 2nd Scientix Projects’ Networking event. It took place on the 5th of September in the European Schoolnet offices and it counted with the participation of several project representatives from around Europe and the neighboring countries. During the weekend, we hosted almost 50 participants, including 38 Scientix Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors and several representatives from other projects.


Scientix Ambassadors solving math problems in the TEMI workshop

After the traditional first networking dinner on Friday evening, we introduced the kick-off with presentations carried on by representatives from a variety of European STEM projects such as TEMI, SAILS, COMLAB, Odysseus, Changing with the Climate, PROFILES and MIGAL. Once the Scientix Ambassadors got acquainted with the projects through these introductory sessions, they had to choose to attend two workshops developed after them, where they enjoyed the opportunity to receive training from other STEM professionals.

After the departure of the project guests, the rest of Saturday sessions consisted in an overall presentation of the Ambassadors’ new tasks, which finalized with a review of those tasks by groups and a Scientix quiz, which helped us test how well do the Ambassadors know the project and their role in it. And not to brag about, but I must say, they did fantastically well!

After a brief tour of the city of Brussels, the event finalized with a second networking dinner which gave the participants the opportunity to exchange experiences from their educational environments and greet and get to know better some of the new Scientix Ambassadors (who we, very kindly, liked to call: The newbies).


The Scientix Bulgarian delegation experiencing with COMLAB

Sunday morning was exclusively dedicated to guide the teachers through those organizational areas of the project that needed further explanation. Namely, the variety of dissemination activities they can or should do, the reporting guidelines and the management part of the online training activities. The Ambassadors could also enjoy a session we titled “Exchange of ideas”, where we provided them with a space to share and discuss their experiences within the project and engage in new collaborative activities for the future. We are always glad to see our Ambassadors cooperate with one another.

After a brief summary of key messages and conclusions, and a last meal at the EUN offices, the participants could go home with a Scientix contract, a certificate of participation to the event and a piece of delicious chocolate cake. We hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Projects Officer, European Schoolnet

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  1. Willie McTiernan says:

    Thank you for an interesting and informative weekend in Brussels. It was good to meet some old friends from Scientix Cycle 1 and meet some new ones as well. Interesting presentations and discussions and every group got full marks in their test. So thank you Marina, Dan and Agueda for the excellent weekend programme. We all went home refreshed and enthused

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