Blogging in Education – A powerful tool for teachers, students and all learners


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Technology these days is present nearly in every field of our lives. We enjoy the benefits of its use, especially in the field of communication. I am a teacher in a primary school and I have realized communication is one of the very first and basic part of nowadays education. In fact, today, the internet plays a key role in communication and one of the ways by which we use it more effectively is by blogging. There are numerous reasons how we can benefit from the creation of our own blog and from using ours and someone else’s blogs.

Blogging does not require much technical knowledge, which makes it a more inclusive tool for the non-computer savvy. Furthermore, blogging is educational: We are teachers, but also we are learners. How can we teach kids to love learning if don’t like learning ourselves? Teachers can use a blog to stay connected with students, parents and with an entire school community. They can also use a blog to publish and publicize photos, articles, newsletters, class activities and projects, as well as to keep parents updated about their children’s progress.

A blog can also help us to reflect. Teachers often look back on what has happened in their classroom and usually wonder what they could have done better. Blogging can help with this process, enabling educators to keep an ongoing personal record of their actions, decisions, though processes, successes and failures, and issues they have to deal with.

On the other hand, blogs encourage students to read and write, which improves their literacy. It can serve as a digital portfolio providing storage for students’ works, photos and other necessary materials. In that perspective blog fosters collaboration between students as well as it offers the opportunity to track their progress in their work trough comparing the older and newer outcomes. A blog is the place where students can publish their own posts, where they can participate in a discussion that goes on the blog and, overall, a place where to make learning more fun and less stressful. The joy of creating something beautiful is brought by blog.

Blogging builds community. Blog offers collaboration among teachers, students or any other involved in activities from the commodity of our home or elsewhere where we have internet access. Blogging widens your horizons. You can meet colleges form America, Australia, Europe and to share with them perspectives, ideas, lesson plans, methods and techniques of teaching, materials and fun. It inspires and motivates us to spread positive energy around the world.

In Macedonia education blogging makes its first steps, but it is surely going to be more and more used by many teachers across the country.

Article written by: Silvana Ristevska, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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