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The Android marketplace is a glory place for everyone. Here you can find apps for everything: kids can find the best games, managers can find ways to improve their productivity and teachers, the best apps for their lessons. That’s why it is not even surprising that you have a list of apps which you would like to share with your students.

However, not every school can afford buying expensive streaming sets for teachers or personal tablets for every student. But hey! Do not throw away your list yet. Today, you will learn how to stream for free with the MOBIZEN app by using only your tablet and your computer connected to projector.

What is that oddly sounding word: It is a free app which allows you to stream your tablet’s view to your computer. And what is streaming? You may ask; it is an action which clones your tablet view to another device (i. e. to another computer).

For this surprisingly great program, you will need a computer (connected to a projector), stable wireless connection and a Smartphone/Tablet with Android OS. Do you have all of this? Fine. Let’s move to the instructions:

1. Firstly, you should download Mobizen app from Google Play (Images 1 and 2) and set your ID and password





2. Start downloading the Mobizen PC app from the website (3) and follow further instructions



3. At this step, all your downloads should be completed. Lets start working with Mobizen programs in your tablet (4) and in your computer (5)


4 (Tablet)


5 (Computer)


6 (Computer)


7 (Computer)

4. Put your email and password (same as used for Mobizen ID in the first step) (6). After you gently touched connect, you will be given Verification code which you should put to your tablet (8, 9) (you will get 90 seconds to complete this task). (Tablet)


8 (Tablet)


9 (Tablet)

5. Press Ctrl + Enter in your Computer to go to full-screen mode. Students will thank you.

Here you have it. You successfully connected your Smart device to your computer, but just before you start your lesson I have several recommendation for you.

  • First of all, the computer ant the tablet should be on the same WIFI network to prevent from great latencies.
  • Also, do not forget that your tablet now can be used as an interactive class-board. If your computer is connected to a projector, then students will be able to follow your actions in the tablet.
  • To make the board look more suitable, you should go and search (in Google Play) the keyword „board“. You will find many boards to choose from (10). You should download the best looking and best suitable for your audience (11, 12).



11 pav.


12 pav.

  • Last but not least, if you have prepared tasks for students to do on board, use your tablet instead. By taking the tablet to your student you will save more time than asking them to come in front of their class.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this tutorial. Now you can go and download MOBIZEN and practice using it for your following class.

Written by: Rigonda Skorulskiene, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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One Response to “Making the most out of your tablet”

  1. Beata Jarosievitz Dr says:

    Dear Author,
    Thank you so much for this publication. I am so happy to write you, that since I saw this description of the programm and tool, I am using many times Mobizen . I am also glad, that the description is so easy and correct.
    Would be nice to get this article translated in many other languages like: Hungarian.
    It is a very useful and free tool.

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