Algodoo, a great physics education program!


Image: Algodoo

Algodoo is a 2D physics engine for iPads and computers. It´s created by a Swede named Emil Ernerfeldt. With Algodoo you can let your creativity flow!

When I first saw Algodoo a couple of years ago it looked promising and useful but I didn´t really understand how to get started in the first place. I put Algodoo on a wish list of what I would like to learn and be able to use in the classroom.

Today I have used it with my students to explore contents like friction, density, gears and optics. My students have also built simple cars in a couple of different projects.

Algodoo is a very creative program and the best way to explore it is to do the first 2 beginners tutorials and then just play around and build things with all the tools available.

I will show you in a video how you can get started with Algodoo with the beginner’s tutorials. Further down you will find more useful videos on how to use Algodoo in the classroom.

In the videos I use Algodoo on a computer but you can also use it on an iPad.

Beginners tutorial:

If you would like some inspiration of how to use Algodoo I suggest that you search Youtube for Algodoo videos.

Below is an example that can be really useful if you are interested in using Algodoo when teaching optics.

Webinar on how to use lasers and lenses in optics:

The video above is from the Youtube Chanel Algoryx and they have a lot of useful videos when learning Algodoo. You can find a lot more interesting videos on this  playlist, it’s also from Algoryx.


Download Algodoo for free to PC or Mac from or search for it in AppStore. For iPad there is a small cost for the program.

If you have any questions after trying Algodoo don´t hesitate to contact me through Twitter @mcarlenas

I hope you find this useful.

Stay creative!

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