My right hand in Maths lesson is …


… actually, it is the interactive SMART Board and SMART Notebook software that has really powerful tools to work with teaching and learning materials, to make interactive activities and involve students. But this is not the most exciting part of this story. Teachers have a lot of different interactive boards, computers, tablets and other useful technology in their classrooms. Many teachers are also familiar with interesting applications which help make Math topics visual and therefore more understandable for students. One of them is GeoGebra, which is one of my favorite applications to teach Maths. So? Since SMART Notebook 14 version came to users all GeoGebra options are incorporated in SMART Notebook. Even more – it is equipped with SMART Notebook tools as well. Everybody who knows GeoGebra and SMART Notebook might be happy to have “two in one” – good supportive applications work better together. Everybody who is not familiar with this can easily acquaint with main features and use them. GeoGebra is still available in SMART Notebook 15 and I would like to share some nice options which I really enjoy in this SMART and Geogebra combination. I am not going to list full description of all functions and make you bored as if you were reading a course material just to give my own experience and impressions.

At first, it is a fantastic opportunity to graph functions immediately. It is not necessary to type formulas on the keyboard. You can just quickly write the formula with the SMART Board pen tool and drug it in the center of the axis and … the graph of a particular function appears! You can move this graph and see actual formula on the left of axis. If you draw a couple of graphs you can see coordinates of cross points on the left side as well. All in all, GeoGebra shows all analytic expressions on the left side of the axis if you are working with graphs of functions. It is so good for the students’ understanding! They can immediately see the connection between the formula and the graph location. One more thing I like a lot is the pure GeoGebra option – to graph the parallel line to the one I have drawn. It is a very correct picture and equations of two parallel lines and looks very well on the SMART Board. Even more – once I am moving one of them, the other one moves while they remain parallel. A very nice combination of SMART Notebook and GeoGebra also works for geometry. GeoGebra shows coordinates of vertices for all shapes which I am drawing with the SMART Notebook shape drawing tools.

I could tell you more and more useful tips but then this would look like a user manual. And this is not my aim, for now. I just wanted to share my good practice and to show an interest for those who still think about incorporation visual and hands-on tools in their lessons, about interactive tasks and rising students’ interest about Mathematics.

Good luck, dear colleagues!

Article written by Biruta Pjaljowska, Scientix Ambassador

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  1. Gülayşe Erer says:

    Hi , I am a high school math teacher and I have used geogebra 5 for a long time in my classroom activities and geogebra is still my favorite application in my online classrooms during the pandemic period. Especially ,drawing 3D shapes with geogebra helps my students to get deep understanding . It is very good news for me to learn this “two in one” application.

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