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I would like to present a very helpful technology-based learning resource that since 2007 is going on in Macedonia.

The Learning and Teaching Technology program supports math and science learning for learners 9−15 years old—the age when many young people progress from concrete to more abstract thinking. is an international educational platform for cutting-edge, multi-media, multi-modal, multi-device teaching and learning resources. It brings teachers and students highly innovative and interactive Mathematics and Sciences resources. is a great opportunity for learning to become alive, especially when it’s combined with Smart Board whiteboard. It allows students to learn trough animations, to collect project data, to use complex learning tools, to conduct research on the Web. Interactive whiteboard technology has created a strong bridge between traditional teacher-facilitated models and the more interactive learning models that multimedia technology supports.

The objective is to provide a rich and integrated approach to Science and Maths. Until now brought us highly innovative, interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and devices. This is resource designed specifically for the students and teachers of these subjects.

It dramatically extends the potential for learning by providing learning and teaching resources available on demand, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, at home and in school. Through the use of new media and mobile devices, a higher level of interest and engagement is created in learners and educators. It also addresses the need for greater foundation skills, such as mathematics and science, which are vitally important in today’s global workforce.

In the computer supported education era, one of the most relevant components for enlarging of educative usage of the IT equipment and the web in the school are the creation of e-based education materials which allow accessibility to all students anywhere and any time.

Until now found implementation in such countries as Argentine, Australia, Brazil, China, Sweden, UK, France and others on five continents.

Article written by: Silvana Ristevska, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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  1. Guillermo Cortes says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you for the review you made. I have been using this platform for the last five years, but when I returned to school this summer I realized that the link/site does not exist any longer. Do you have any updates on this (where can the math and science resources be located at?).
    Thank you and have a great day!

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