When a dream comes true- RESEt project: bringing a whole class of girls to the Arctic


The RESEt project (Research and Education Svalbard Experience www.resetsvalbard.it) is an Italian educational scientific project aimed at fostering interests in geoscience topics in a class of high school students. The project is targeting a class of 20 girls attending a high school (Liceo Filzi, Rovereto. Trento) with a primary focus on disciplines like philosophy and education, rather than STEM.

The project has adopted the method of engaging students in a set of activities distributed over the last three years of their high school cycle.

The most important moment will be an educational scientific expedition at the Svalbard, an archipelago located in the Arctic. The expedition will be entirely organized, planned, and directed by students. In Svalbard, students will visit the main scientific facilities devoted to climate studies, including those of Italian CNR (National Research Council) and they will perform some environmental measurement using data-loggers.

Students are even involved in fundraising activities to raise more than twenty thousand Euros needed to cover their travel expenses. They adopted several methods to reach their goal, like crowdfunding (they manage to raise 6000 euros http://schoolraising.it/progetti/reset-unesperienza-educativa-alle-isole-svalbard-di-viaggio-esplorativo-scientifico/) or like other small economic activities (helping other students with their homework, selling home made cakes, helping wrapping purchases in shops during Christmas, etc.).

The RESEt students have worked very hard on the communications side, too. The website is trilingual and very rich in its contents. Until now, they managed to gain attention from several national media (http://resetsvalbard.altervista.org/project/rassegna-stampa/) and they plan to make a professional film documentary telling the story of the project and the results achieved.

The RESEt project is made in collaboration wit PEI (Polar Educators International http://www.polareducator.org/), which is the world wide community of polar teachers and educators fostering dialogue between educators and researchers.

Article written by: Costantina Cossu, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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44 Responses to “When a dream comes true- RESEt project: bringing a whole class of girls to the Arctic”

  1. matteo says:

    I’m the teacher coordinating this project. I would like to specify that with the crowdfunding we raised 6k euros. Not 600!

  2. Laura Amadori says:

    Hi! I’m Laura from RESEt’s project, I really want to say thanks for the article and for the visibility!

  3. Jessica Armanini says:

    I’m lucky to take part in this wonderful project and I wish we will be kept as example by other schoolmates because IF YOU HAVE A DREAM YOU CAN REALIZE IT!

  4. Carlo says:

    I have just visited your website and I’m very surprised! You are the demonstration that with work and diligence, dreams can come truth!!! Go on

  5. Gioia e Sara says:

    Sarebbe una bellissima esperienza da fare, siete molto fortunati. Speriamo di fare l’anno prossimo lo scambio culturale con voi. :******

  6. Giulia Silanos says:

    Progetto davvero affascinante ed educativo!Complimenti ragazzi.In bocca al lupo!
    Spero tanto di potervi incontrare per saperne maggiormente del vostro meraviglioso progetto!

  7. Carla e Fede says:

    Una grande occasione per imparare e formarsi divertendosi. si tratta di un progetto che susciterà grande invidia in coloro che non potranno parteciparvi.

  8. Mariamarty1 says:

    This is a fantastic post, very interesting and a beautiful experience for you girl.
    your are a strongers girl…. GOOD LUCK! 😉

  9. Riccardo Cao says:

    Fenomale! Molto interessante, noi alunni della 1°A speriamo di poter vivere un’esperienza di questo genere. 😀

  10. valerio pezzani says:

    Questo progetto è un’opportunità davvero speciale poichè potreste apprendere nuove informazioni. Vi auguro un buon viaggio e in bocca al lupo!!!

  11. Vale e Marty says:

    ohh it’s a very wonderful project!!!! we hope that one day we will come with you!!!! We love you <3

  12. Aurora and Federica says:

    We think that this project is so amazing . We really would make an experience like this one 🙂

  13. AlessioL says:

    Amazing idea guys! It is such a once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity worth all the timeand money invested in it.
    Also we would really like to do it aswell, so just send an email to our professor and we will be atit straight away. It i is a huge goal but we could make it.

  14. Irene e Iris says:

    Beautiful and very interesting! We hope that in the future we’ll go in the North-Polo

  15. Beatrice e Alice says:

    It’s a really good job! We hope we’re going to do this project next year with our teacher! Congratulation guys!!!

  16. max e guagliò says:

    esperienza ricca di entusiasmo e voglia di fare, studenti molto motivati e sicuri di se stessi.
    ci piacerebbe intraprendere un’ esperienza tale e quale alla loro e conoscere i diretti interessati.
    il loro è un sogno che è diventato realtà!!! costoro arriveranno a destinazione il mese entrante, buona fortuna!

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