Best YouTube channels for science geeks (part 1)


Recently, surfing across the net, I came across the dailyTekk blog. This website, founded in 2012, brands itself as “an (…) Internet destination for consumer-focused startup, app, gadget and Internet product content” and specially focuses on lists and reviews for tech addicts.

During the last months, the website has been publishing lists of the best social media accounts (Instagram, Vine, Pinterest or blogs and websites) for a number of different viewers. Being the avid YouTube fan I am, I decided to check out the list of the 100 best YouTube channels of 2015. And interestingly enough, I found a category dedicated to the most compelling science channels on the web. So let’s check some of them, shall we?

  • Have you ever heard about the Mentos and Coke experiment? Well, it was teacher, science toy designer and television personality Steve Spangler who made it go viral on the Internet, a few years ago. Spangler is also the creator of the Sick Science! YouTube channel, where you will be able to find extreme science experiments such as an ice tray battery or this fake blood that will make kids go crazy!

Did you already subscribe to all of the suggestions? While these are my top picks, wait for the next Scientix blog post where I will be unveiling some other fascinating channels (and yes, you can check them yourself through the dailytekk link above, but it’s always a lot more fun when reading it). See you in the next blog!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer, European Schoolnet

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