Best YouTube channels for science geeks (part 2)


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Are you ready to unveil (more) of our top picks for the best science YouTube channels? Remember that we are featuring channels listed on 100 best YouTube channels of 2015 of the dailyTekk website. Let’s break it down!

  • For a daily dose of science, make sure you subscribe to the SciShow channel, where you will find Science talk shows, quiz games, science news and my favorite: Science quick questions. Indeed, I have always wanted to know why does pepper make me sneeze. Didn’t you?
  • For all those comedy fans out there, in AsapSCIENCE you will find your niche: Whiteboard videos, illusions and for the musical ones, you can even memorize the new periodic table song. Singing competition, anyone?
  • Last, a personal suggestion for anyone interesting in exploring the universe is to start by checking out the PBS Space Time channel, where NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute alumni (now professor at City University of New York) Matt O’Dowd regularly hosts videos on galaxies, black holes and quasars. They even have a challenge section to challenge their viewers. Who said sky’s the limit?

Make sure to let us know if you already knew any of our picks and let us know which are your favorites. And don’t forget to check the Scientix blog for your weekly dose of science (and Scientix).  See you later!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer, European Schoolnet

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