Crisis in scientific vocations? Italy and the Scientific Degrees Project


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Italy and Europe as a whole need more scientific culture. For that matter, the Alghero High School participates and collaborates with the University in order to develop its potential and plan the future of its students.

The project was launched with the goal of increasing the number of students in elementary scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. After a few years we can see the first results on the number of enrolled pupils.

The project includes several initiatives that aim to put in contact as many students as possible with the reality of science- involving schools, universities and companies. It promotes orientation activities and more attractive teaching to high school students involving the use of laboratories to make the kids learning actors, stage and tirocinei, so that the students can have a clearer idea of training and employment opportunities.

A substantial number of scholarships has been established in favor of those enrolled in the degree courses that focuses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and material science.

Project strategies

Workshops to discover science: If you know about it, if you put your hands in it, then you will be able to understand it. These science workshops are addressed to pupils attending the last three years of high school.


Project students at work

Science itself: A scientific degree opens doors to a thousand different endevours. The scientist’s exciting and adventurous life serves as a tool to create business and start-ups. The scientist creates, invents, explores and has fun. Science speaks one language all over the world.

What can you do as a student? You could take part on:

Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, chemistry games as well as participating in events such as Science in square, Summer schools and internships in the best Italian and European research centers.

What could you  do once you graduate?

The scope is enormous, you can go from building racing boats to fight cancer with nanoparticles. A scientist studies problems, not disciplines. It has an open mind, it is flexible and it adapts to the continuous changes in society.

If, during the course of university studies, you have financial problems, you could apply for a loan (and you will be able to access finance aid by an authorized bank with the University of attendance) while you will have to commit to gradually repay the loan after completing your studies or after a certain period of time.

What are you waiting for? The job opportunities are numerous, both locally and internationally. Italy and Europe are awaiting for you! You can work in the fields of health, environment, technical standards, safety standards, certification systems, intellectual property, international relations, management of resources and the list is very long.

Article written by: Costantina Cossu, Scientix Deputy Ambassador

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20 Responses to “Crisis in scientific vocations? Italy and the Scientific Degrees Project”

  1. Roberto Greco says:

    This is a fantastic initiative, italy and Europe need more scientist and our schools are full of clever and curious students with enthusiam for discover the world. Promote science is always a good deal.
    Promote university loan is not always a good deal expecially for students, we have to take care to do not create a generation with bank dependency, that will take decades (due to low salary) to pay back loan and interest, this is already a reality in several countries.

  2. Angelica says:

    fantastic experience, it is important to engage children in the world of science in an informative and entertaining

  3. alice and beatrice says:

    We are really great to participate at this potentional plan for our future with the university! Thank you to our great teacher Costantina Cossu! We do really beautiful experience!

  4. Carlotta&Sara says:

    Great experience, we agree these projects.
    I hope we’ ll do these experiences in the future! 🙂

  5. Irene says:

    Very good, in the university of Sassari make many activities those envolving a lot of students.

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