Scientix at ED Drawing Conference, Madrid 2016


Image: EUN

The 2016 edition of the ED Drawing Conference took place in Madrid last 18th of June, organized by the Créate Foundation. The main objective of the event was to address one of the major challenges in education in the digital age, that is “how to awaken and maintain the enthusiasm for learning”.

Indeed, the conference featured presentations and workshops involving internationally recognized speakers, such as Eric Finegood (NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab, New York University) who leaded a session on the Neuroscience of Self-Regulation: Implications for Early Childhood Education, Juan Luis Arsuaga (Paleontology professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid) who carried on a session entitled “Mankind, it’s essence and evolution” or Mónica R. Martínez (Expert in Deeper Learning and Senior Fellow for the Hewlett Foundation), among others.

During the Scientix workshop, our colleague Victor J. Perez presented the Scientix project (including the Scientix portal and the benefits it entails for STEM educators), spoke about the concept of community-building and emphasized the importance of sharing experiences among different players in the STEM education field. In order to exemplify this approach, the session opened with an activity were each participant had to talk with the rest of the attendees about their role in STEM education and innovative practices.

Additionally, an interview was given to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on how to promote scientific vocations throughout Europe. Check it out!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer, European Schoolnet 


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