Make of your summer a STEM summer!


Even if summer is here and school is over, we still want kids to keep discovering and learning on the science that surrounds them, and specially, help them not to lose any STEM skills over the summer.

  • In that regard, the article “20 Super Cool Summer STEM Activities” presents a bunch of activities to keep those skills fresh. From creating a discovery jar to exploring computer sciences through Scratch, App Inventor or Tynker, the possibilities are endless! Moreover, it also includes a list of critical thinking resources like the Instant Challenge Matrix or the Four Square Deal that are perfect to boost challenge them and make them think outside the box.
  • Another great outlet is the one presented through the Scientific American website, as it includes the section titled “Bring Science Home”. In it, you will be able to find a number of entertaining science activities for kids aged 6-12 both suitable for parents and for teachers to carry them out using household items. Also, most of them cab be done in just a half hour or less. Talk about efficiency!
  • Last, if you are searching for fun, hands-on STEM projects for younger kids, the 40 STEM Activities for Kids is your solution. These activities can be easily integrated in school lessons and at home and are perfect to motivate younger generations in scientific projects. Which kid wouldn’t want to make a sand volcano?

Can you think of other activities to keep those minds alive over the summer? Let us know in the comments below!



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