European movies in teaching and learning Mathematics – Part 3


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  • At Media & Learning Conference in Brussels – 12-13 December 2013, the Flemish Ministry of Education Headquarters, Organiser: (ATiT, Leuvensesteenweg 132, 3370 Roosbeek, Belgium). Mrs Beeban Kidran shifted the attention to the relationship between film literacy and education. She discussed the initiative of Film Club, that started on the simple premise that ”if young people watch a film for 90min, have an opportunity to discuss and write about it, they would learn (indirectly from the film) but they would also discover the passion to learn.” In these after-school activities, a variety of films were seen together, discussed and debated by students and their teachers. The initiative has elevated our understanding of how people relate to films and brought about several unexpected consequences: (i) it gave teachers the opportunity to get to know their students in a different way, (ii) it created an infrastructure and database of films with information about what might work in a particular environment and context and (iii) it also created curiosity about how students develop their taste. Film club members see stories, form and meaning, reminding them they live in a global world.


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    • Panagiota Argyri says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is really that students get many motivations of European films for maths. It is very near to their interestings and hobbies. In three part of articles to Scientix blog you could find many links of our work.

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