The Science Shelf (and other STEM goodies from the webosphere) #5


Welcome to the Fifth post of the series “The Science Shelf (and other STEM goodies from the webosphere)” where we will share information on science and technology events, resources, news and any other random goodies we discover by staring at our computers every single day.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below!

  • Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, is organizing a training course for STEM teachers at all education levels. The course aims specifically to provide teachers with the skills and information that can contribute to their professional development. It is also an opportunity to become a Scientix Ambassador volunteer and a Scientix Ambassador reporter! Register now and check out the full conditions here!
  • What are the mysterious particles surrounding the Earth? Can our eye catch every single one of them? The way galaxies move, and the way light bends as it travels to us across space from far distant clusters, indicate that there is more material there than we can see. It is time to look at the first results of the LUX experiment as our most sensitive eye which has just reported back and to explore what we call “dark matter”. Click on this link to follow the discussion!
  • Animation fans will be thrilled with this new software allowing anyone to try their hand at 3D animation without toiling away at numerous sketches. You should definitely read this article if you want to know more about this exciting innovative tool.
  • Could we live in another planet? Check out  the documentary The Search for Earth Proxima which outlines the breakthroughs that have led us to the discoveries of other planets orbiting stars throughout the universe, and how a group of astronomers plan to look for habitable planets in our neighborhood.

See you in the next “The Science Shelf” post!

Article written by: Noëlle Billon, Science Department Intern, European Schoolnet.

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