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We all know that Twitter is (as one of the most used social networks) a source of endless information. In order to help you discern those accounts only providing with pointless babble from those who actually share interesting content (or funny memes, let’s face it, we all like the memes), we provide you here with a list of the best twitter accounts for science geeks.

  • The twitter account Fibonacci perfection @FibonacciSpiral finds the Fibonnaci spiral (the golden spiral formed using quarter-circle arcs inscribed in squares of integer Fibonacci-number side) in all kinds of pictures. From movies, to pop culture, to art. All those interested in photography will love it!

  • For all the fact addicts, this series of twitter accounts delivers never-ending daily facts: From probability facts (@ProbFact), to daily science data facts (@DataSciFact), to tweets about algebra, number theory, and miscellaneous math (@AlgebraFact) or even one fact a day about topology and geometry (@TopologyFact). Created by @JohnDCook, applied mathematician currently running an applied mathematics consultancy.

  • If you like the famous XKCD comics, you will love this unofficial twitter account (@xkcdComic) that provides with numerous comic stripes.

  • The WIRED team has created a twitter account exclusively focused on science topics. Check out at @WIREDScience, to keep up to date with all the most recent news!

  • The famous edutopia website, dedicated to provide innovative practices to K-12 students, also keeps you informed through their twitter account @edutopia. “Inspiration and information for what works in education”.

  • Last but not least, in @Learn_Things, you will get the best GIFs and videos from the web!

Do you know from any others? Comment in the section below which are your favorites!

Article written by: Marina Jiménez Iglesias, Project Officer, European Schoolnet.

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