23rd Science Projects Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab


The award ceremony for the Scientix & STEM Alliance contests that took place for the winners of the STEM Discovery Week (23-27 April) was organized during the weekend of 22-24 Jun 2018. Among others, a total of 47 teachers representing their schools attended the event. There were 31 award winners from the Scientix contest, 12 STEM Alliance ones and 3 Scientix Ambassadors.

The event took place in Brussels at the European Schoolnet offices. All the winners had the opportunity to present their work. In addition to the award ceremony, the organizers arranged several workshops, thus adding more interest and content to the meeting.

On Saturday, participants had the opportunity to work with “STEM in the Future Classroom Lab for primary or secondary” and “eConfidence for primary or secondary”.

On Sunday, workshops were organized following a selection made in the previous days by the participants themselves. Therefore, the workshops that were carried out had amazing subject matter and interest since they were chosen by the participants. Here are some examples:

  • “Designing the school of the future – Developing the skills of tomorrow in STEM careers”
  • “Converting STEM Discovery Week Activities into lesson plans for other teachers to implement”
  • “Tips to include Scientix resources and different scenarios – Become a blogger for Scientix”
  • “Science and science fiction: science in films and the myth of standing eggs”
  • “Interstellar missions – should we go out there?”
  • “The nature of science and scientific inquiry”
  • “Sure, I’m interested in your idea/project, you’ve got 1 minute”

It was a common impression at the end of the event that such meetings (not only for awards) help us to see and hear new ideas, the ideas of other colleagues, to be informed and most importantly to exchange views, thoughts and, of course, to get to know each other.

Representatives from Greece: Georgios Chatzigeorgiou (2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro), Servou Vasso (Gymnasium of Karea) and Scientix Ambassador Eleni Rossiou (Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki).

Author: Georgios Chatzigeorgiou (2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro)

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