Climate change – What does the future bring? – Part I.


This article is the first one out of five, featuring stories about how teachers and their students relate to climate change.


“Climate change – a challenge for everybody”

Malgorzata Kulesza  from Krakow/Poland

Climate change poses one of the most substantial threats to the modern world. The role of school is to increase students’ awareness of the need to look after natural environment and teach them how to contribute to reducing the carbon dioxide emission. In the framework of Comenius project, where schools from seven European countries were involved, we have conducted activities concerning climate change.  The aim of these activities was to show causes and consequences of climate change related to various geographical location of partner countries. Our activities helped young people understand that they are responsible as consumers for sustainable development of the world.

Students made comparisons of data concerning weather in various seasons in particular countries over the last decades. The data have been obtained from the interviews with grandparents as well as from students’ current observations. They analyzed conclusions that resulted from the research.


The students from partner schools checked the volume of traffic in their cities, and they also calculated the amount of carbon dioxide that cars have emitted into the atmosphere by using the calculator of carbon dioxide emission. Then, they compared the results with the acceptable norms.

They calculated their impact on the natural environment using  ‘Carbon Dioxide Calculator’, prepared results, and next they compared with other participants (work online).

During the meeting in Greece, they analyzed conclusions that resulted from the research conducted by them. The average air temperature in partner countries in particular months of the year has been shown on the graph. They also showed presentations concerning ecological solutions in particular countries. Presentations contained results of students observations, research, interviews with representatives of local authorities and their own experiments.

During common workshops some posters were made. They showed the commitment of particular partner countries in ecological activities. The posters were presented and discussed at the forum.

There was also a campaign – planting trees. It was a symbolic gesture, through which they wanted to compensate for negative consequences of their everyday activities. These activities are a great burden for the environment. The campaign’s motto was: “Decrease your carbon print and plant a tree”.

In all partner schools a campaign addressed to students, teachers and parents “You influence climate change too – Turn down, Switch off, Recycle, Walk” was held. In many classes a discussion with students about changing daily habits concerning care of natural environment took place. The students made posters, multimedia presentations. The exhibitions of the students works was organized.

Students from Greece  performed a song which was written together with their teachers.



With my heart full of love

And my mind being sharp

Climate Protector is what I am

And my duty is for the Earth a demand

With sacrifices, step by step

I carry out my duty

I rush to save our climate

I just leave nothing being plugged

I search for immediate information

I remember to turn the switch off

Little consumption is my goal

And recycling is a priority for me

I fight against the climate change

A guard with qualities I am

I have in mind the cost of the waste

And how much each life worths

Whoever changes the rules

Has to apologize for it

I want my grandchildren to have

Oxygen, water and food

I always follow my dream

Productive the Earth I keep

Climate Protector is what I am

And my duty is for the Earth a demand


During the international  meeting  students from all partner schools made a calendar as a group work. They used photos they had taken in advance in their own countries during the classes in the open air. The main objective of this calendar was to show the beauty and diversity of landscapes in particular partner countries as well as characteristic features of specific seasons.

We implemented also the idea of responsibility and sustainable tourism. Students became familiar with the principles of responsible travelling. The work on the project was summarized during the international meeting. Students worked in mixed groups and prepared materials (leaflets, brochures, posters) which advertise sustainable tourism. They use traditional techniques or computer graphics. The materials mentioned above has been used in the campaign that promoted responsible travelling. Campaign was held in each partner school.

The activities helped students  become aware of the causes and effects of climate changes – what influence a man has, what happens to our environment and how it is important to undertake all ecological activities. We all have to look after our environment. It is not always easy, and often requires efforts and sacrifice. Let’s take care of our planet in order to be able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. We perfectly understand the motto of our project: “Climate change – a challenge for everybody”.


The images featured are the author’s own, except for the cover image.

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