The BLOOM competition: new in entries in the BLOOM School Box


Between 25 March and 30 April 2019, the participants of the “Boosting Bioeconomy Knowledge in Schools” Massive Open Online Course were invited to submit their learning scenarios to the BLOOM “Teach bioeconomy!” competition. The subject? Teaching bioeconomy in STEM lessons. The 36 eligible submissions were evaluated in a two-stage judging process. First, with an initial selection by European Schoolnet, and then, the winning entries were decided by the “Teach bioeconomy!” jury panel. As a result of this competition hosted by BLOOM and supported by Scientix, the community of science education in Europe, six submissions were selected by the competition jury to be published as part of the the BLOOM School Box. The topics were varied:

Don’t waste your waste! – Raising bioeconomy awareness (Olga Grigoriadou, Eleni Voukloutzi)

Yeast, biofuels and novel biotechnology techniques (Iro Koliakou, Afroditi Kalkani)

Let’s talk about bioenergy and our lives! (Lorena Elena Olaru)

The benefits of composting – How we can produce organic fertiliser in our school garden (Olympia Bantouvaki and Niki Klonari)

Biofuel production from fruit waste (Mustafa Bozoğlan)

Back to the Future (Leyla Yağuş) Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for being published in the BLOOM Schoolbox

Scientix has supported the translation of the original BLOOM School Box resources and now they are all available on the resource repository. Anyone interested can find them by following the link below and searching for the keyword “bloom”:

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