NeoTrieVR: new teaching tool for geometry lessons


This text is a continuation of the article published on the Scientix blog on November 15, 2018 (, concerning the use of an innovative program for learning geometry in virtual reality – NeoTrie VR. The program is tested as part of a mathematics lesson at the Primary School in Żernica (Poland). The aim of these tests is to analyze the possible didactic applications of the program and to formulate opinions and feedback for its further improvement. Classes are conducted from March 2018 for students aged 11 to 14 years. The attached hand-out can be downloaded by anyone and presents the examples of activities and tasks concerning polygons, prisms and pyramids carried out during lessons with the use of Neotrie as a didactic tool.

Tried the activities with your students? Share your experiences in the comments!

Web References

Scientix page:

Official page of NeoTrie VR:

Video tutorials:  First steps in NeoTrie VR

The project on Facebook:

Author: Grazyna Morga

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