Building a Spanish Scientix Ambassador team in the time of Covid19


This article is the memories of a Scientix Ambassadors Team in Spain. A great privilege to be part of this team is within us. We wake up accompanied by “Chat for Diplomacy”: how we refer to ourselves, with sympathy and complicity.

The sun is rising in the mountains, and a new STEAM challenge for the students is launched. Challenges that have successful responses from children of the Ambassadors themselves, such as a 3D masks design, magic in the classrooms with STEM, and the role of toilet resource of experimentation.

We, Ambassadors, are busy with GoLab’s classroom for e-Learning, writing a blog proposal, programming with Scratch in confinement, a student firefighter, a student who cares for a plant called plastic (as he tells his teacher on the other side of the screen) and about disinfection with hypochlorite without the appropriate concentration. We constantly have more platforms to learn about with STEAM resources, and scheduled competitions, a MOOCs starring, and a shared Fecyt proposal. Our team shares tricks to correctly hit the online tests, experience, tips, resources, and even some sock design. We also share our mutual appreciation and collaborative work. However busy, we are inspired by the birds singing energy, natural light energy to relax and strong serendipity to generate the unthinkable. Each day has shown us evidence that creativity and STEAM are always there as an opportunity for the future, for hope and to keep our minds busy.

The illusion in the future is in small great moments of chats when we share the birth of a child and expressing the desire to hug our parents and grandparents, releasing a flow of endorphins that are the best medicine to feel alive ourselves. In the following screenshot, there is one registered moment of these chats.

Screenshot taken by the authors – Attribution CC-BY

The hope to find a light at the end of this tunnel is pursued through the excellent following resources from us, and the scientific studies that keep advancing in the control of SARS-CoV-2. The links are a very small representation of the generosity of sharing and the professional worth of these Scientix Ambassadors who want to add hope and contribute to the STEM future in the 21st Century in Europe.

Follow some resources/materials that we would like to share and inspire you with:

Feel free to contact the Spanish Scientix Ambassador team whenever necessary. We can continue building and improving STEM Education together!


Couso, D., Jimenez-Liso, M.R., Refojo, C. & Sacristán, J.A. (Coords) (2020) Enseñando Ciencia con Ciencia. FECYT & Fundacion Lilly. Madrid: Penguin Random House.

Authors: M Carmen Diez Calzada; Aguirre Molina Daniel; Ali Gago Ismail; Camarero Sanz Ismael; Castilla Mora Lorenzo; De Aymerich Bárbara; Díaz Fuentes José María; García Hormigo Palma; López-Iñesta Emilia; Martiarena Sarasola Erramun; Mateo Borrego Alicia; Mateos Camacho M Antonia; Queiruga Dios Miguel Ángel; Molina Ayuso Álvaro; Montero Rafael; Perea Mari Carmen; Perez Garcia Francisco; Pérez Pérez Melquíades; Prolongo Sarria Maria; Queiruga Dios Miguel Angel; Redondas Maseda Javier; Santos Santos Guadalupe; Sanz Mamolar Julián; Tortosa Moreno Montserrat; Vazquez Dorrio Jose Benito; Viñas Dieguez José – Scientix Ambassadors from Spain

Featured image: public domain with no attribution necessary – See it here.

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