Schools are closed, but our curiosity is not!


Can we continue investigating with materials that we have at home? Yes, and from an early age.

 During the lockdown period, a lot of students spend many hours in front of a screen; as an alternative, we can encourage them to carry out experiments that activate their desire to investigate, develop their creativity, learn new terms and wonder why and how some phenomena happen.

With this intention, I have opened a YouTube channel, in order to carry out experiments with materials that we have at home and encourage children to continue researching and meet challenges. The videos are in Spanish but easy to understand because the materials and the process are shown.

We can do Jastrow’s optical illusion, Moving toys, refraction, inclined planes, chromatography, Magnus effect, Cartesian diver, water pressure, dark camera, hydrostatic, and so on.

These have been uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, receiving the pleasant surprise of feedback videos coming from students of Scientix Ambassadors such as Bárbara de Aymerich, Mari Carmen Perea, Miguel Angel Queiruga or Angie Karageorgopoulou. Also from teachers in different parts of the world, such as the USA, Argentina, Greece, Romania, (Cornelia Bataus, Ana Clara Creus, Graciana Goicoechandia), where they recommend that they do the same for their Infant, Primary and Secondary students.

The channel has joined an eTwinning project called “The would-be researcher” (25 teachers) as part of activity from home. Project in which I previously participated.

This channel has been recommended for the Education of the City Councils of Algeciras (Spain) and in Science Associations such as Diverciencia.

Finally, check the following feedback messages and videos I have received:

My students love your YouTube channel. I propose one experiment a week and encourage them to continue researching” (Ana Clara Grecu Primary Teacher from Romania)

You´ve got me hooked with your channel, always looking to wake up those scientific heads from an early age, I make them with my granddaughter” (Mariajo Martín from Tenerife – takes care of her grandchild while the Mom doctor is working)

Thanks for this experiment about centrifugal force, I have shared it with teachers from Galicia and Perú” (Jose Benito Vázquez Dorrio Scientix Ambassador)


From Bucarest:

From Miami:

From Argentina:

From Spain:

Author: Palma García Hormigo, Spanish Scientix Ambassador

Featured Photo by Joseph Rosales on Unsplash – See Licence

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