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At the beginning of the confinement, the educational activity that we carried out in schools had to be reinvented due to the unusual circumstances that we have had to live. At that time, many teachers from all countries did what we could with the means we had at home and making all our time available to students. Given this situation, it occurred to me to open a YouTube channel for mathematics to post explanatory videos for students who had doubts and needed help.

It is true that there are many math pages, it is also true that our students have access today to many more resources than we had, but, in my opinion, they do not know how to use them or make the most of them. They need people to guide them and explain the steps to achieve the rigor and skill that mathematical procedures need.

To do this, I created an email in which anyone who needed to send questions or problems for resolution could contact me through and a youtube channel. The name of my channel is: M Antonia Mateos and my email address for doubts is: matematicasconayuda@gmail.com

Throughout this time students have been writing to me (by mail, and by other social networks) and I have been posting the resolutions of the requested activities. See some posts in Spanish bellow.

Screenshot from Facebook post by the author – CC-BY
Screenshot from Facebook post by the author – CC-BY

I am also taking the opportunity to post videos about mathematics related to other sciences research works, aiming to disseminate and bring them closer to people who visit the channel. My intention is to continue uploading research papers videos, which are very instigating, they have been selected and awarded in science contests.

Video, in Spanish, from the author’s YouTube channel

Video, in Spanish, from the author’s YouTube channel

After having such good feedbacks and feeling I am helping so many students to broader their interest in math and to overcome their difficulties. I will remain open for those who need it.

Author: María Antonia Mateos Camacho, Scientix Ambassador from Spain

María Antonia Mateos is a Scientix Ambassador, she teaches Mathematics for high school students and taught it also at the Engineering School for a few years. Maria studied her passion: Mathematics. She has always liked to continue learning, and now she is working on her thesis: investigating algorithms that predict air pollutants using Statistics and Deep Learning.

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash – See Licence

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