Bioeconomy at School: It is not a dream… It is Carton School


In our School we have a very large space, where we do robotics and design. It is a quite empty space to which we should buy furniture: Standard furniture? Or furnish it with the premises of a new eco-sustainable idea? Students and teachers decided that the best idea would be to furnish the room with recycled cardboard furniture. This would create flexible environments within the school community and make our school a Cartoon School.  

Upgrading /redeveloping school space which is often desolating; creating flexible and low-cost school environments throughout community work is the idea behind this project. See below some images and explanations of our project.

The image is the author’s own creation – Attribution CC-BY

The image is the author’s own creation – Attribution CC-BY

The image is the author’s own creation – Attribution CC-BY

Our IIS E Fermi Alghero is at the forefront from the methodological didactical point of view employing innovative technological skills. Therefore, we need chairs, bookcases, desks, furniture to make our school more “usable”. We have thought to use ecological recyclable “at kilometer zero” (farm-to-table products) so our school will become a holistic place from which our students will never want to leave. We want to use eco-friendly drywall in use by architects who are making ecological designed furniture. Everything will be done in order to promote Green Economy values respecting the environment, sustainable development, and business ethics.

The students understood that the world can not only consume resources but must recycle, re-use, and repurpose them. By recycling, you get new job opportunities: GREEN Jobs. Ecological furnishings make people who use them happier.

The world in our hands, being technological also means respecting the environment and applying technology to reuse resources. We hope to make this dream and project come to life and we are happy to spread around our ideas.

Author: Costantina Cossu, Lionetti Rita & Patrizia Unali

Costantina Cossu is a Scientix Ambassador, she has worked for years in the scientific high school teaching science and chemistry. She is interested in the real and virtual laboratory, robot, AR, VR. At the moment she is part of the special group in Italy EFT (Territorial Training Team) has the function of training and support schools in the National Plan of digital schools.

Lionetti Rita teaches law, she is an expert in European projects and collaborative work.

Patrizia Unali teaches mathematics, she is an expert in robotics and European projects.

Featured Photo by Anton Oseev on Unsplash

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