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The Didactic and Interactive Science Museum of Vega Baja del Segura of the Valencian Community (MUDIC-VBS-CV) is located in facilities of the Miguel Hernández University and is a science center dedicated to presenting universal laws and principles, as well as, scientific phenomena so that they transcend time and context, that is, ideas and concepts are exhibited, not objects. It is part of the generation of museums whose slogan is “Prohibited not to touch”, but to interact is not only to touch with hands, but it is also necessary to facilitate a dialogue that allows the visitor to build a true learning experience.

It was opened by the Nobel Prize in Physics George Smoot. at the end of 2008, shortly after the fall of Lehman Brothers, that is, during a crisis. Despite this, in its first ten years of the path, he got to double the spaces and the staff, but most importantly, quadruple the number of school visitors.

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The MUDIC-VBS-CV is a STEM center not only for the interdisciplinary nature of its contents but also for the methodologies used in the presentation of its exhibitions and workshops, always close to scientific methodology and cooperative teamwork. Its main objectives are:

1. Disseminate scientific knowledge.

2. Promote the exchange of educational experiences within the field of science in all stages of education.

3. Collaborate in teacher training in the field of science, with a transversal and innovative approach.

4. Promote collaboration with educational, cultural, and social agents.

5. Contribute, from its area of action, to promote education in diversity, equality and solidarity cooperation.

To achieve these purpose we carry out the following activities:

In the museum: school visits (students from 3 to 18 years old), open-door days for all audiences, STEM teacher training courses in collaboration with teacher training centers and Miguel Hernández University, Educational innovation conference, radio program and museum summer (summer school for students from 12 to 16 years old).

Out of the museum: participation in science fairs and organization of a Science Fair of the Vega Baja Region, theatrical performances. movies and short films from scientific and technological cinema, scientific dissemination conferences and STEM workshops in schools and high school

All these activities revolve around three projects: Municipalities of the Vega Baja for science, Industries committed to science and technology and Scientific performing art workshop and cinema school. These projects are designed to brings together the different agents involved in STEM education, that is, education stakeholders, industries, municipalities, families and students.

On March 12, due to state of alarm caused by Coronavirus, the MUDIC had to cancel all its activities. The Service learning Javier Román Belda MUDIC volunteer remember those days of activities…

These days, aware that museums are more relevant than ever: they are not just science communicators, they are part of social actors. Museums address key social problems and even transform the way we see the future; the museum has the power to reflect and shape our society. For this reason, we continue to work to maintain contact with our network of teachers, partners and our extended community and the general public and provide opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge. To do this, we have introduced a new section on our website, Science at Home, in which we have. “Family experiments with toilet paper“, which is a series whose main objective is to enjoy science as a family. In each of the chapters, simple experiments are presented for families to carry out from home.

Another example is a similar series: “Family Science”. In this case, the experiments can be done with any household material. A series of experiments proposed by teachers and carried out by students called “Experiment and tell it”, passing through a web series “Times to shine” tells the story of a group of high school students, very different from each other, who meet in Science it is a wonderful reason to forge your friendship and identity, even to discover love.

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Through the adventures of this group of adolescents we will know the life and work of the scientists, who in most cases, for one reason or another, have been ignored or forgotten, but without their discoveries or science. Science, cinema, awareness, and fun short movies: in this section, we present a series of shorts from the MUDIC Cinema group in which science, consciousness, and fun come together. Because science is fun, and we have a good time making movies and experimenting. Through science, we can also move consciences. Cinema, science, awareness, and fun is a meeting point where we learn by playing, reflecting, and inviting reflection.

We also continue with the monthly “space on the radio”, but as we do it now from home, it is broadcast live from our Instagram profile @Mudic_ciencia and the recording is available on the MUDIC program on UMH radio.

Finally, I cannot finish this article without mentioning that the MUDIC was devised, directed, and administered by my colleague and the Scientix Ambassador, Jesús Carnicer. He was that great star around whom the MUDIC family revolved. A star with infinite energy generated by his optimism, determination, work capacity, wisdom, charisma, kindness, generosity, knowledge, and, of course, his great love for science. Unfortunately, that star stopped shining for us on November 29, 2019. However, his energy has been transformed and the hearts of family, friends, colleagues, and all those who have been fortunate to share so many good moments with him have come to light. Jesús will always be present in what has been and will be his museum: “EL MUDIC”.

The pictures were provided to the author.  Attribution CC-BY

Author: Maria Del Carmen Perea Marco, Scientix Ambassador in Spain

Carmen Perea is a Scientix Ambassador for Spain, she teaches algebra for the computer engineering degree, didactics of mathematics and approach to mathematics curriculum in the Master’s in Secondary Education Teaching, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching. As a researcher,  she is co-director of a doctoral thesis on models of simultaneous equations and of two doctoral theses on STEM education inside and outside the classroom. From 2015 she is managing director of the Didactic and Interactive Science Museum of the Vega Baja del Segura of the Valencian Community (MUDIC-VBS-CV).

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