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My Green World project aimed to raise students’ environmental awareness and introduce them to the physiological and geographical characteristics of plants, trees, grass and shrubs. The project took place for three months and counted on the participation of 85 students, between 12 and 15 years old, and 15 teachers from Europe and Asia. The project applied the blended learning model to overcome the limitations set by the covid19 pandemic.

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The project integrated a multidisciplinary approach, and students worked on subjects like Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, History and Science. In this project, students from two continents collaborated and communicated in English. Activities were carried out simultaneously.


  • Project-based learning
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Blended learning
  • Learning by doing


First of all, we conducted out-of-school learning activities such as tree planting, plant growing, plant care and nature photography. After that, group work began. Each group worked on a different topic related to plant physiology: seeds, leaves, roots, stems, fruits and flowers. Each group presented to the other groups the part of the plant they studied, making use of visuals, games and animations they prepared using ICT tools. All students were very engaged and happy throughout the activity.

Students developed their analytical and research skills. In addition, they prepared an e-poetry book on plant physiology and exhibited their work. Students, although pertaining to fifteen different schools and being miles away from each other, recorded videos to raise awareness about the use of plants, trees and herbs, their role in an ecosystem, and their industrial use and social importance.

Picture provided by the author (Attribution CC-By)


Students learnt how to respect nature and look for solutions to environmental problems. All by working together and sharing their work with their peers. They improved their self-confidence by working outside of their schools and by learning through multiple disciplines. Besides, they worked on their ICT skills by using different informatics applications and improved their foreign language skills, both in speaking and writing. At the end of the project, students shared information on nature, endemic plant species and even food culture with their peers from other countries. They formed new friendships and worked with pleasure. All in all, we can say the project was completed in accordance with its objectives.


About the author: Öznur Demircan is a Biology teacher at Bahçelievler Anatolian High School, Turkey. He advises his students on various national and international projects and is experienced in the preparation of STEM lesson plans. Öznur has been a Scientix Ambassador since 2020.


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