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CaRoMtE (Coding and robotics on math through English): The next chapter on implementing computational thinking into the curriculum. An international Erasmus+ KA201 project

Image: shutterstock_321297764- Based on the shared concern about the lack of a common strategy for teaching and learning Computational Thinking across Europe, 3 teachers (Ts) from Belgium, Italy and Spain started thinking of a transnational experience of introducing Coding and Robotics into the curriculum. The initial team included a teacher...

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Math and Game: Nim (Part 2)

Image: Ivelin Radkov/Shutterstock Exercise: From the above sums NIM or otherwise, find how much xÅx, where x is any natural number. If 38Åx = 25, what is the x; Solution 38Åx = (100110) 2Åx = (11001) 2, hence x = (111111) 2 = 63. In games 2-3-6-7 Nimes, Nimes...

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Math and Game: Nim (Part 1)

Image: Ivelin Radkov/Shutterstock Introduction Nim  is the most famous mathematical game in which two players take alternately articles by distinguished stacks. Each player in turn gets what objects it wants, provided they are in the same stack. In the normal version of the game, the player will get last,...