From Science to Popular Science: Access through the magazines


Over the last decades, science (and technology) magazines have become more mainstream and have helped promote what is known as popular science. As an interpretation of science intended for a general audience, it covers a broad range of scientific topics and, sometimes, even pseudo-science or controversial topics. This being...


The Science Shelf (and other STEM goodies from the webosphere) #6


Welcome to the Sixth post of the series “The Science Shelf (and other STEM goodies from the webosphere)” where we will share information on science and technology events, resources, news and any other random goodies we discover by staring at our computers every single day. Hope you enjoy and...

Top resources/pedagogies to integrate technology in the classroom


Engaging your students in the classroom has never been easier with easy access to affordable technology resources. These tool will help you create new and captivating lesson plans for your curriculum and help students apply the lessons in ways not available in the educational environment before. These following resources...

How Important Are Internships (In The Scientific Field)


Students who are working towards earning degrees in STEM specialties could potentially find themselves fielding numerous job offers post-graduation since the demand exceeds the supply. STEM is actually an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and those four specialities certainly cover a lot of ground as...

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Professional development for STEM teachers


Image: shutterstock_270465959-Copyright Your Design Professional development for STEM teachers should be analogous to professional development for other professionals. Becoming an effective science teacher is a continuous process that stretches from preserved experiences in undergraduate years to the end of a professional career1. Professional development for a teacher of science is...


Learning how to review educational apps – Part 1


Image: Shutterstock/ideyweb_jpeg It is true that mobile apps invaded our lives quite rapidly within the last 8 years. And we’re all witnessing how they conquered almost every aspect of our daily routine, from listening to music, checking the weather conditions or even make a last minute reservation on our...