Didactic research in High School for innovative STEM bioinformatics activities


Image: shutterstock_374892109- ABSTRACT Innovative didactic research in High School for STEM Bioinformatics activities to use this modern science as creative opportunity to construct scientific applicative itinerary for secondary school students. I have realized different STEM bioinformatic research didactic activities for High School, sharing strategies with european bioscience teachers, working as...


Tech, Tablets, and Effects on Education


Image: shutterstock_116533162 Where we are (the current situation) As technology becomes more advanced then ever, it’s no surprise it’s is being brought into the classroom at younger and younger ages every year. Where typing used to be the most technology advanced class not too long ago (and often only taught...

Spaces, technology and teaching: what improvements do you need in school?


Image: shutterstock_150587642 Introduction This paper describes an Erasmus+ mobility project (Digital in EU) designed for ICT coordinators (Animatori digitali) of 34 schools in Calabria. Teachers, divided into 4 groups, during the month of November were received for a week at the Orestad gymnasium in Copenhagen. During this time the Calabrian,...

Elements for High School STEM didactic activities from International Neuroscience Meeting


Abstract This publication derived from participation as biologist didactic – researcher to “European Synapse Meeting ”, Milan University 4 – 6 December 2017 . It was very interesting to present in Meeting my abstract and poster about didactic neuroscience research and to know integrated and innovative informations about researches...

Unleash creativity in your classroom by introducing tinkering and making!


Image: shutterstock_306799715- Developing computational thinking of learners is often associated with coding classes. There are other ways, however, of developing computational thinking and digital creativity without necessarily using computers, often integrating more curiosity and playfulness in the learning activity. When using tinkering and making in the learning process we allow...


STEM and Sustainability


Image: windmills-984137_960_720 Sustainability in STEM subjects can be a great way to link standard physics, science and mathematical concepts to topics applicable to the real world and of interest to students. Education is being called upon to prepare responsible citizens to meet the complex challenges we are currently facing as...

“The Little Prince” book as an environmental education tool


Image: pixabay “The little prince” is a contemporary fairy-tale, translated in 300 languages. It is the most translated book in the world. The author (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) wanted to show us modern ages problems. The author’s message can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the reader. The...

Approaching Citizen Science


Image: shutterstock_333593951- Over the last years, both institutions and the public have become increasingly familiar with the topic of Citizen Science. While multiple definitions exist, the term has been generally used to refer to “a series of activities that link the general public with scientific research”. Indeed, participants in citizen...

Examining Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy Perceptions About Being A Teacher and Their Attitudes Towards Computer Assisted Education


Purpose In our day when science and technology are developing very rapidly, occupational groups have been affected by these rapid developments and have sought to exploit the benefits of these developments. The teaching profession, one of the earliest professions in human history, has not become insensitive to these rapid...